Did you know that atheists are far more likely to own a cat than churchgoers, according to a study by Oklahoma University.

According to a study of over 2000 people, those with no religious affiliation own two pets on average, while those who attend church own 1.4 pets on average.

More specifically, churchgoers, particularly evangelicals, were less likely to own cats but not less likely to own dogs.

In fact, religious people prefer dogs to cats by a wide margin: 75% to 40%.

Conservative Christianity is founded on top-down authority. God gives commands; the church enforces them; and humanity obey.

This corresponds to dog psychology. Dogs understand the concept of reward and punishment.

When you say, "GOOD BOY!!" to a dog, he seems to understand. Dogs would undoubtedly enjoy the Bible if they could read.

Punishment, on the other hand, has no effect on cats. They aren't built that way.

If you yell at a cat while it pees on your rug, it will not think.

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