Celtics vs. Knicks Preseason Takeaways.

By: Babita Singh


The Celtics' top six players showed their strength in a preseason victory against the Knicks. 

The Celtics defeated the Knicks 123-110 in their penultimate preseason game, a crucial test for their revamped roster. 

Jayson Tatum's increased muscle mass didn't hinder his 3-point shooting; he scored 28 points and displayed impressive 3-point skills. 

The Celtics' rotation offers various offensive options, making them a versatile and formidable team. 

Jrue Holiday showcased exceptional defensive skills and quick hands, adding depth to the Celtics' defense. 

The NBA's new challenge rule allowed the Celtics to utilize their challenge more strategically and promote accurate officiating. 

Although the Celtics saw a lead slip in the second half, they remain optimistic about their preseason performance. 

The fourth-quarter lineup, featuring players like Kristaps Porzingis, Payton Pritchard, and Al Horford, displayed potential during the game against the Knicks. 


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