Byron Allen is callin' dibs in the following accessible NFL team. He telling that after that after losing out on the Broncos this year.

he's "exceptionally sure" he'll "get the following one."

We got the TV mogul out in Beverly Hills  only days after he formally lost his bid to purchase Denver's NFL franchise to Rob Walton, 

and  he ain't miserable about it by any means. 

As a matter of fact, Allen was feeling lively about passing up the $4.65 billion buy. saying, "When you lose to the richest family in the world, it's not a bad day in the office."

Allen says he's currently turned his sights onto the following accessible team - making sense of he's totally unfazed by how the Broncos deal wound up.

"Listen," the 61-year-old said. "Buying an NFL football team is a process and we had the pleasure of being a part of that process. 

We didn't get this one, but I'm highly confident we'll get the next one." 

Allen said possessing a team is vital to him - - turning into the very first Black controlling proprietor in the association is an immense objective of his.

Allen credited Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell for giving him the apparatuses important to one day achieve that accomplishment also, 

added that he's in no rush at all to abandon the dream. 

"We gon' track down something," Allen said. "We will make it happen. It's inevitable."

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