Britt Reid was given a three-year prison term on Tuesday for his part in a drunken driving accident that left a 5-year-old with life-threatening injuries.

Reid played the part of the intoxicated driver in particular.

In mid-September, Reid entered a plea of guilty to the felony charge of drunk driving, which was the cause of the 2021 collision that injured six people, including him.

One of them was Ariel Young, a young girl of 5 who was injured in the collision and sustained a severe brain damage.

Investigators have found that Reid was operating his pickup truck quickly when he struck two stopped cars at an entrance ramp adjacent to Arrowhead Stadium.

One vehicle came to a stop and became stuck due to a dead battery. The other was there to help.

Reid might have received a seven-year prison sentence, but a plea agreement was negotiated. Notably, he preferred probation to jail time.

Reid's blood alcohol content was 0.113%, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08%, two hours after the collision.

The 5-year-old did recover from her brain injury, but according to her mother, she still drags one foot when she walks, has awful balance, and needs to wear heavy eyeglasses.

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