British PM Boris Johnson resigns, the chair went due to the mutiny of the ministers.

For the past several days, pressure was being put on him to resign.

His Conservative Party ministers also started leaving his side.

41 ministers had revolted against him.

The rebellion against Boris Johnson had increased to such an extent that within two days there were more than 40 resignations.

This whole controversy is related to the appointment of Chris Pincher.

In February this year, Johnson appointed Chris Pincher as deputy chief whip of the Conservative Party.

On June 30, the British newspaper 'The Sun' claimed in its report that Chris Pincher had touched two youths in an offensive way in London club. Pincher has been accused of sexual misconduct earlier.

Chris Pincher resigned as Deputy Chief Whip after the Sun's report.

However, MPs from his own party said that Johnson was aware of the allegations against him, even after that he was appointed.

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