Breaking: Shocking Massacre Unfolds in Prague University – What Really Happened? 

By: Babita Singh

A 24-year-old Czech student carried out a deadly attack at a Prague university, leaving over 15 dead and 24 injured. 

Prague University Tragedy

Authorities are exploring the possibility that the shooter was inspired by a recent terrorist attack in Russia. The assailant held legal possession of multiple firearms. 

Potential Motivation

In response to a tip about the suspect's intentions, police evacuated the university building swiftly. Law enforcement "eliminated" the assailant in a decisive intervention. 

Evacuation and Police Intervention

The police have refrained from revealing the shooter's identity, but unconfirmed reports align with a social media account expressing inspiration from a Russian mass shooting. 

Identity Concealed

The incident prompted a lockdown in the square and adjacent areas, causing panic among students evacuating the building with hands raised. 

Citywide Panic

Witnesses described scenes of terror near the Manes Bridge, with the assailant reportedly firing an automatic weapon before being subdued. 

Eyewitness Accounts

 Prime Minister Petr Fiala canceled his scheduled trip, highlighting the rarity of gun crime in the Czech Republic and emphasizing the gravity of the situation. The nation grapples with the aftermath of this devastating event as investigations unfold.

National Response

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