BMW is attempting a new business model

To have heated seats, you must sign up for a $17 monthly subscription plan

The BMW subscription plan for seat heaters is available in the United Kingdom and South Korea.

In UK the subscription charge is $17 a month

In South Korea it costs about $18 a month.

Seat warmers are installed "at no extra cost" in some BMWs, according to the BMW UK website.

Customers must purchase a $17 monthly subscription plan or pay $416 to unlock the service on a "unlimited basis" to access the actual seat-warming function.

The seat warmers are "then activated in your vehicle" after the purchase, according to the website.

The seat warmer subscription plan sparked outrage on social media, implying that consumers are becoming wary of monthly fees for everything from video-streaming services to clothing, such as Amazon's Personal Shopper service.

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