The government has created a programme called Agnipath to recruit soldiers for four years.

Except for officers, all recruitment in the army, navy, and air force will be made under the Agnipath scheme.

Under this Scheme, around 45,000 to 50,000 Soldiers will be recruited each year.

The standard for hiring will not change, and soldiers will be hired twice a year.

Candidates may apply for the Agnipath Scheme if they are between the ages of 17.5 and 21.

Following selection, candidates must complete a six-month training programme and then serve for three and a half years.

The soldiers chosen by the Agnipath Scheme are referred to as "Agniveers."

25% of Agniveers will have the option to work under permanent commission for a further 15 years after completing 4 years of service.

The beginning salary for agniveers is Rs 30,000, and after four years of service, it increases to Rs 40,000.

Each employee would receive a tax-free lump sum payment of 11.7 lakh after completing 4 years of service as part of the seva nidhi package.

For the four years of service, they will also receive Rs 48 lakh in life insurance coverage.

In the event of death, the reimbursement will be around 1 crore rupees, coupled with the wage for unserved service time.

After the implementation of the Agnipath recruitment strategy, it is predicted that the average age profile of the Indian Armed Forces will drop from 32 to 26 years in 6 to 7 years.