“Beau is Afraid"- Martin Scorsese’s Love for Ari Aster’s Work.

By: Nitin Singh

Martin Scorsese is known to be a filmmaker who loves cinema and is passionate about the art form.  

He has praised Ari Aster’s work on several occasions, and it’s clear that he sees something special in the way that Aster approaches filmmaking. 

Scorsese’s appreciation for Aster’s work is notable, given that Scorsese himself is a master of the craft. 

At the 2019 New York Film Festival, Scorsese praised Aster’s “Hereditary” and its ability to create a family-driven narrative that doubled as horror and drama. 

Scorsese remarked, “It’s horror, but it’s more than that. For me, when you take the horror out, it still works 

But the horror elements, how should I say this — they shock you in a good way. They shock you into an awakening of the real pain of these people.” 

In the introduction, he praised the film’s formal control, stating that it was just as impressive as that of “Hereditary”.  

He also noted that the film dug into emotions that were just as real and deeply uncomfortable as the ones shared between the characters in “Hereditary”.