Antonio Brown, a wide receiver, is one of the most talked-about athletes in the league.

The man’s NFL career, which was once renowned for his outstanding performances for the Steelers, has suffered greatly in recent years. 

The receiver has struggled to stay on the straight and narrow over the past few years due to a number of off-field issues.  

His recent career has been defined by the fake vaccination card scandal, 

the Raiders helmet incident, his one game with the Patriots, and the Buccaneers drama. 

A Twitter user by the name of John posted an old interview clip of Brown, 

raising the possibility that the receiver suffers from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).  

He focused his inquiry on how the wideout spoke differently prior to the hit.  

Other fans commented and shared similar ideas. 

“Putting aside the jokes, there is an 80% chance that Antonio Brown has CTE. Take a look at how he spoke just before Burfict struck him. 

@iam_jоhnw Yea everyone is saying one hit can’t affect you but never been hit by this. That guy was damn near 300lbs coming full speed and never pulled back. He also hit ALL head. No shoulder nothing. So imagine that.  

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