Andrew Tate, a content creator and influencer, has been deplatformed from Facebook and Instagram for violating Meta's policies, following online calls from activists.

Tate may be classified as a "dangerous individual" under Facebook's policy on "dangerous individuals."

A spokesperson for Meta confirmed that he had been barred from using Facebook and Instagram, but did not say whether the ban was permanent or what specific policies he had violated.

Last week, queer content creator Matt Bernstein described the 35-year- old's online presence as "dangerous."

Bernstein described Tate's threatening, homophobic, and sexist remarks that he made in a number of podcast interviews.

Tate's notoriety increased over the past few weeks in response to videos that went viral and contained extremely rude remarks about women.

In a video, he refers to them as "property," and in a tweet, he said that women bear "some blame" for sexual assault.

The British American had 4.7 million followers on Instagram at the time of his expulsion, 2 million of whom he had gained in the previous 30 days.

Social media users mocked Tate for his misogyny in response to his increasing fame by giving him a yassify makeover.

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