Analyzing the Potential Impact of Trump's Indictment on the 2024 Presidential Race 

By: Nitin Singh

Biden has declined to comment on Trump's indictment, following the traditional White House approach.

Trump has made the indictment central to his 2024 candidacy and accused the Manhattan DA of political persecution.

Republicans are divided on the issue, with some rallying around Trump and others criticizing the indictment.

Former VP Mike Pence has called the indictment an "outrage."

Assuming Trump runs in the 2024 elections race, he will be the first former president under indictment to run for office.

It is still unclear how Trump's indictment will impact the 2024 presidential race.

Some experts believe it will galvanize Trump's base and create sympathy among his supporters.

Others think it will further divide the Republican Party and It will hurt the winning chances of  Trump.

Trump's indictment has increased a new level of uncertainty into an already unpredictable political landscape.