A photo shoot for the Marilyn Monroe stills that would appear in Andrew Dominik's current Netflix original film, "Blonde."

The hair and makeup artists relied on a picture shoot to transform Ana de Armas into the renowned icon.

Each morning, de Armas received two and a half hours of hair and makeup application.

De Armas wore blue contact lenses for the movie, and the actress's eyelid corners were covered in fake eyelashes to enhance her eyes' form.

For de Armas, three specially produced silicone parts, one for each side and one for the top, were created that could withstand the demanding nine-week filming schedule. 

Actress Ana Celia de Armas Caso is of Spanish and Cuban descent.

Ana started her career in Cuba, where she starred in the sappy drama Una rose de Francia.

After relocating to Madrid, Spain, at the age of 18, Ana appeared in six seasons of the well-known teen drama El Internado from 2007 to 2010.

In the science fiction movie Blade Runner 2049, Ana gained popularity for her performance as a holographic AI projection (2017).

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