The OceanOneK diving robot from Stanford University explores  a shipwreck.

At first glance, OceanOneK appears to be a diver descending through the waters off the coast of France.

The robot was designed by Stanford University researchers to go underwater and explore sunken planes, ships, submarines, and possibly even lost cities.

This year, the humanoid robot accomplished a new feat by diving half a mile (852 metres) beneath the ocean's surface.

The robot has hands capable of cradling priceless artefacts and bringing them to the surface, as well as stereoscopic eyes capable of capturing the world of the deep in full colour.

Another feature that distinguishes the robot is a touch-based feedback system.

OceanOneK can carefully manoeuvre underwater thanks to its eight multi-directional thrusters on its thinner, back half and humanoid upper half.

It is around five feet long overall, with stereoscopic vision, two fully articulated arms, and eight thrusters.

Ocean One-K  will become the physical avatar, allowing humans to dive virtually, keeping them safe.

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