American Football Legends dies, NFL world shocked.

By Nitin Singh

The world is saddened by the death of Ray Guy, According to his son Ryan, the cause was advanced chronic obstructive lung disease. Ray Guy is the best punter in football history.

He was the first and only punter to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014, and is largely considered as the first great punter in football history.

Guy appeared on three All-Pro teams  and won three Super Bowls while playing in the NFL. He also made seven Pro Bowl appearances.

The Ray Guy award, given each year to the college football punter who performs the best, is a testament to his influence on the collegiate game.

Ray Guy was taken by the Raiders in the first round of the 1973 NFL Draft, making it the first and only time a punter has ever been chosen with a first-round pick in the draft.

Guy played for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders organization for 14 years after finishing his three-year undergraduate career at Southern Mississippi.

Reaction of fans- one fan write on twitter 

At almost every position in NFL history, there are debates regarding who is the best. At punter, you really don't hear that argument. The greatest punter of all time is Ray Guy. 

Another fan Reacts

My father yelling at me to come watch Ray Guy punt on television is something I can still clearly recall. RIP.

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