Amazon has announced a few new perks for Prime members ahead of Prime Day this month, including free delivery from nearby restaurants.

All Prime members in the US will now get a one-year Grubhub+ membership, which typically costs $10 per month.

Amazon used to have a restaurant delivery service of its own in an effort to rival UberEats at home, but the company eventually discontinued it in the UK and US. This time around, it's teaming up with an established delivery service.

Grubhub+ members enjoy a $0 meal delivery fee as long as their orders exceed $12. They also get rewards which include free food and discounts on their orders.

Prime subscribers can redeem their free Grubhub+ membership by visiting the official perks page on Amazon, activating the offer, and then sharing their Prime status with the delivery service.

Even existing Grubhub+ users can claim the freebie, with their free year starting after their current billing cycle ends.

Those who cancel their Prime membership will lose access to their free year of Grubhub+, while those who stay together will be charged $10 per month for the delivery service after 12 months.

The partnership is part of a commercial agreement that Amazon has signed with Grubhub's Dutch parent company Just Eat

Under the agreement, Amazon will receive stock warrants of 2 percent of Grubhub's fully diluted common equity.

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