A stunning new Jurassic dig site close outside Stroud, Gloucestershire, has yielded a fish fossil with a vicious-looking skeleton.

The Pachycormus, a tuna-like predator, is exquisitely rendered in three dimensions.

It looks as though it's about to attack with its large teeth and eyes.

Neville and Sally Hollingworth, renowned West Country fossil hunters, recognised the specimen.

It came as a complete surprise because most fossils are flattened by pressure over time when they are discovered.

But it was discovered that its head was uncrushed as its bones were gradually uncovered.

It appears to be emerging from the rock with its mouth wide and staring at you.

The fish head was discovered by the couple in the village of Kings Stanley under a cow shed.

It was covered by one of the several limestone nodules that were erupting from a clay layer that was revealed.

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