Actress Sonya Eddy of "General Hospital" Passes Away at 55

By Nitin Singh

Sonya Eddy, 55, passed away. She was best known for playing Epiphany Johnson on the ABC soap opera "General Hospital."

Eddy passed away on Monday night after being placed on life support due to a serious infection.

Sonya Eddy was a well-known American actress.

Eddy was born on June 17, 1967 in Kansas City, Kansas.

Eddy earned her B.A. in theatre and dance from the University of California, Davis in 1992.

Eddy worked as a vocational nurse.

In 1990, Eddy made her acting debut in Ruby Dee's play Zora Is My Name.

The frank, no-nonsense nurse was played by Eddy, who joined the long-running hospital drama in 2006 and acted in 543 episodes, including one this past October.

Eddy relocated to Los Angeles and made appearances in sitcoms like Home Improvement, Murphy Brown, The Drew Carey Show, Married with Children, and The Drew Carey Show.