A Virginia woman's grocery trip took an unexpected turn when she was startled by a snake in her shopping cart.

Kimberly Slaughter was in a Shoppers Value store in Lunenburg County, Virginia, when she noticed what she thought was mouse faeces in her shopping cart.

Slaughter  claimed to have discovered rodent traps on the bottom shelf, went to grab another bag of popcorn and discovered a small hole in the top right corner.

Slaughter discovered a snake inside the bag when she went to put it in her cart to take up to the front because it couldn't be sold.

She explained that when she pushed the cart to the front of the store, the snake slithered out of the bag and around before returning to the bag.

Snake was the full length of the kart.

Slaughter, who has a baby at home, told the outlet she is concerned about what would have happened if the snake had followed her home.

Slaughter said, her baby has just started to walk.

Brian Stanley, the store manager, stated that the store is investigating and that they have no idea where the snake came from.

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