A brief story that encourages you to enjoy the present moment without letting future success determine your level of happiness.

Alexander began to rule the globe on the basis of his power a very long time ago. He began bragging about his strength so much that he desired immortality.

Alexander eventually discovered the location of the nectar after travelling the globe; it was a deserted old cave.

Although the cave appeared to be very dangerous, Alexander took a big breath and approached it. While within, he discovered a nectar spring that was pouring.

A crow's voice interrupted him as he was reaching out to  to drink water. The crow was sitting within the cave and yelled, "Stop, don't make this mistake."

Sikandar fixed his gaze on the crow. He was in a really pitiful state; all of his feathers and claws had fallen off, he had lost his sight, and all that was left of him was his bones.

Who are you to stop me, Sikander shot back? How dare you prevent me from sipping nectar if I can conquer the entire world?

What did that crow said because of which Alexander returned ?

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