International Widow Day is observed every year on 23rd June.

Since 2011, United Nations observes 23 june as International Widow Day.

Theme of International Widow Day 2022 is "Sustainable Solutions for Widows Financial Independence"

The Loomba Foundation has been observing widow day since 2005, before it was acknowledged by the UN.

June 23 was picked as Widow Day because Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba, the mother of the organization's founder, Rajinder Paul Loomba, lost her husband on this day in 1954.

It is estimated that 258 million widows are around the world and nearly 1 out of every 10 widows live in extreme poverty.

Millions of widows of the world have to face problems like poverty, violence, exclusion, homelessness, ill health & discrimination in law and society.

It is estimated that about 115 million widows are forced to live in poverty.

This day is observed to address the  injustice & poverty that millions of widows and their dependents experience globally.

It is urged on this day that initiative must be taken to improve the condition  of widowed women all over the world ,

So that they can lead a normal life like the rest of the people and get equal rights.

One should not forget that widow women are also a part of our own society, that's why everyone should respect her.

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