Ian is now a Tropical Storm in the Caribbean Sea and is expected to become a powerful hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico next week.

Unless the storm's route changes dramatically, the most, if not all, of the storm's effects will remain to the south and east of Alabama.

Ian is predicted to reach the western end of the ridge by early Sunday.

In 36 to 48 hours, the storm will shift west-northwestward, then northwestward over the northern Caribbean.

After that, Ian is expected to turn north-northwestward and northward along the western ridge.

This will take Ian close to or over Western Cuba, as well as into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.

The forecast shows that the storm will begin to recurve toward Florida late in the period. 

Ian is forecast to bring heavy rain, flash flooding, and dangerous mudslides to higher terrain, notably over Jamaica and Cuba.

Hurricane conditions in the Cayman Islands are possible by early Monday, with tropical storm conditions expected by late Sunday. On Sunday, tropical storm conditions are possible in Jamaica.

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